Business Continuity Plan: COVID-19

Updated 15th July 2021


To all our clients and colleagues


Even though England is beginning to relax some of the precautions against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Evesham Electronics have a duty of care for ensuring all colleagues, their families, customers and visitors are kept protected from possible risks of catching the virus, therefore we will be remaining with COVID-19 guidelines as below. 


With this in mind, from the 19th July 2021 we will be continuing with the following preparations across the following four key areas: 


Health and wellbeing


  • To minimise the spread of COVID-19 we have provided resources enabling our colleagues to work from home where possible.
  • All colleagues are asked to organise virtual business meetings internally and externally going forward.
  • All colleagues showing symptoms directly or within their family, should inform their line manager and self-isolate for the necessary period specified by the Government guidelines, keeping their managers informed if their symptoms escalate.
  • All colleagues who have an underlying condition, or if over the age of sixty with a respiratory condition, can continue to work, but must take extra precautions when carrying out their tasks. Colleagues must ensure they update their line-managers should health issues escalate.

  • All colleagues are encouraged to only commute to work if safe to do so. Colleagues are advised to remain cautious when meeting other households in the evenings and weekends, and advised to still follow social distance guidelines and where facial protection.

  • All colleagues and visitors are to follow any guidelines issued by the Government & the NHS.




  • At time of writing – there were no restrictions on Manufacturing operations. There are no major issues reported at Evesham Electronics or in the surrounding environment, therefore operations are continuing as normal.
  • Operational business continuity plans have been reviewed in line with the latest guidance and are prepared for implementation.
  • Access to the factory has been restricted to essential operational teams only.
  • Entry into the factory has been limited via the centre door (staff entrance).All materials received are to go to the Goods Inwards area. Couriers shall not enter the building.
  • All colleagues and visitors will be requested to use the Hand Sanitisers upon arrival and throughout the day. Body temperature will be checked by a member of the management team upon arrival. Any persons found with Temperature readings outside the acceptable limit will be asked to leave immediately.
  • All Assembly Operatives are adequately positioned around the factory to ensure that there is a safe distance of 2 metres.
  • Sanitisation of door handles and the working environment will be carried out on a daily basis.
  • Any delays reported by Suppliers are to be reviewed by the General Manager to ensure that there are no effects on current assembly. Any delays resulting to delayed lead-times are to be updated to the customer with immediate effect.
  • Upon the event where the factory is to be locked-down (halting assembly and operations on site) – all staff will be informed via Mobile/Whatsapp. Customers and Suppliers will be updated with progress with the use of our Website, Facebook and Instagram accounts (@eveshamelectronics).

Visitor and customer meetings


  • No access will be granted to customers, suppliers or visitors to our factory without prior approval from the Managing Director of Evesham Electronics.
  • Customer meetings are to be encouraged to either be held over the phone or via online conferencing.




  • Attendance at external meetings, training and conferences are to remain restricted and to be reviewed on an individual basis.


We will provide further updates when there is a significant change to report. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your services and the plans that are in place, please contact your line manager if you are a colleague, or any of the management team. 



David Blower

Managing Director

July 2021


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